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Correct Formatting Across Legal Documents in a Single Click.

Mike DocuFormat is an AI-powered MS Word Add-in that captures and corrects all errors and inconsistencies in formatting in a legal document. It helps legal teams work faster, smarter & better.


One-Click Document Wide Formatting

Detect Document Language

Detects and suggests changes to multiple language styles and tones.

Unfiy Page Margins

Detects and corrects inconsistent page margins in whole document.

Maintain Page Size

Helps correct and maintain consistent page size across entire document.

What Can Mike DocuFormat Do?
Line Spacing
Each line is scanned individually and any spacing not in sync with the input setting is detected as an error.
Formatting For Headings
Set personalised heading styles in settings and fix all the headings in one click without spending time to correct each one.
Fix Paragraph Styling
Set and correct paragraph styles with fonts and font size using settings. It also detects any inconsistencies and reports them as errors.
Styling For Schedules
Get the freedom to format schedule that is different from the main agreement. Make your draft stand out from a standard legal documents.
Fix Numbering Format
Get the flexibility to create your own unique type of numbering format. It detects any inconsistencies and errors in numbering and fixes them in one click, saving time and reducing stress.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence


Seamless Setup No Maintenance


Industry Standard Security & Data Encryption

Complete Control Over Styles and Formatting Preferences

Create your own in-house styles and get suitable recommendations

Set Your Own Styles

Take full control of your templates and set your in-house font family, size, text format and style for heading, sub-heading, main agreement and schedule body

  • Settings allow you to control your formatting and preferences.
  • Create strong, consistent drafts which create the right impressions each time.

Configure Formatting Preferences

Customise and setup in-house styles with line spacing, page margins, page size and numbering style. Create preferred styles and apply to the whole document in one go.

Multiple Profiles For Each Type Of Document

No need to select your formatting styles again and again. Saved settings give freedom and control over formatting or any customisation. Any changes get applied within seconds.


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Effect of Manually Formatting in Legal Documents.

Calculate and see how much you can potentially save when you automate scanning and fixing formatting in all your drafts

Number of Lawyers




Average Bill Rate Per Lawyer




Hours spent per year


Loss due to manually fixing formatting errors and inconsistencies


Interested in improving your contract proofreading efficiency?

Impact of Mike DocuFormat


Increased Profitability


Greater Efficiency


More Time Saved

AARC Partners Successfully Reduced Time Spent on Contract Proofreading by 75%.

Ever since the adoption of Mike DocuSieve, AARC Partners have reduced the overall the time spent on proofreading each legal document from 1-2 hours per document down to a few minutes. That is almost a reduction of 75% in the time spent on each draft.


Industry Standard Privacy & Security Compliance

Our systems are built in a secure manner, so that what is private and confidential to you remains that way. With ISO certification and regular third-party checks, you can be assured that your data stays safe and is encrypted at every stage.


Now Available On

Mike DocReview ecosystem is a versatile add-in which can be integrated with various platforms including MS Word for ease of use. The seamless integration capability with various platforms ensures an end-to-end solution for all your contract drafting & CLM (contract lifecycle management) needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to fix formatting errors & inconsistencies in one click?
Yes, with Mike DocuFormat you get the flexibility to not only draft legal documents in preset templates, but also have complete control on the formatting. In just a single click you can fix any formatting error or inconsistency, and save time.
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