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Work faster, better and more accurately using our AI-powered products that help legal teams across companies and law firms automate various manual but critical processes and enable data-driven decisions.

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Impact of MikeLegal
Increased profitability
With MikeLegal reduce the time spent on non-billable activities and also capture missed opportunities for revenue generation
Increased efficiency
MikeLegal has helped legal teams automate processes leading to less time on mundane and non billable tasks
Minimize errors
Using AI legal teams can identify previously missed data helping improve quality of work
Our Products
MikeIP Suite
An AI-powered tool that helps you manage your trademark portfolio and capture infringements effortlessly.
MikeTM Watch
Automated Journal Analysis
Image Recognition Analysis
All 45 Class Analysis
Create Reports In PDF & Excel
Access To Entire Journal With Filters
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MikeTM Search
All 45 Class Search
Advanced Searching Capabilities
All Marks Of Proprietors
Create Reports In PDF & Excel
Real Time Integration With E-Register
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MikeIP Manager
Automated Updates
Automated Deadline Reminders
Status Tracker For Marks
Data Analytics
Create Report
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Mike DocReview
AI-powered MS Word add-ins that helps you proofread and format legal documents up to 75% faster.
Mike DocuSieve
Automated Contract Proofreading
Works As An MS Word Add-In
Create Custom In-House Styles
Quick, Reliable & Secure
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Mike DocuFormat
Fix Inconsistencies In One-Click
Document Wide Suggestions
Create Custom In-House Styles
Customize Document Styling Preferences
Fix Numbering Inconsistencies
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Want to harness the power of AI in your legal process?
MikeLegal's IP suite allows legal teams to stay updated with all the upcoming deadlines, report infringements, search across all 45 classes and changes happening to their portfolio without any manual intervention.
Want to know how Chadha & Chadha increased TM search accuracy by 70%?

MikeTM Search interface is user friendly and gives attorneys an opportunity to customise all reports generated in relation to client's marks. This ultimately helped them improve and nurture their client-attorney relationships by reducing servicing time by nearly 40%.


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